The Balance Box

The Balance Box is a lifestyle product line that offers ways to create a sense of peace, calm and happiness in your life! At times, you may feel very overwhelmed, sad or less confident in yourself to manage from day to day. Especially at a time like this, where there is a lot of uncertainty about the future, feelings of worry, frustration, sadness and low self-esteem are at an all time high. Are you looking for tools to help decrease stress and feelings of overwhelm that you can practice in as little as 5 minutes every day?

I designed, created and authored 5 different styles of encouragement card decks, Anxiety, Depression, Mindfulness, Confidence and Self-Esteem to help you reduce those feelings of stress and increase feelings of being more balanced and in control of your life and your emotions. The idea to create the card decks originated from the awesome work that I do with my clients! I thought it would be helpful to have written tangible reminders of how to challenge thoughts, cope with stress, and incorporate healthy lifestyle changes in daily routines at your finger tips!

There are 2 different sizes and each deck contains 52 cards that you can easily use anywhere! You can put them in your bag, wallet, on your wall or display them on your desk or mirror. Anytime that you are feeling sad, anxious, worried or experiencing low self-esteem, you can take out your deck, read over the cards and follow the suggestions to bring yourself back into balance.

Feeling balanced in your emotional, physical and spiritual health helps to improve overall quality of life. By practicing these skills and techniques, you will likely notice that you feel more fulfilled, at peace and happy with yourself, in your relationships and in your work!

Anxiety Card Decks: This deck includes thoughtful questions and statements as well as helpful activities to practice that are sure to challenge the worry, fear and overwhelm that you feel!

Depression Card Decks: This deck includes encouraging activities and tools as well as challenging statements and questions that will help you overcome feelings of sadness, despair and defeat. You will be reminded of what is going well for you, your wins and where you shine!

Mindfulness Card Decks: This deck includes daily activities, powerful strategies and tools to practice that help you feel more grounded and centered in the present moment. Mindfulness techniques help you to feel more relaxed, balanced and in control of your feelings and your experiences!

Confidence Card Decks: This card deck includes daily powerful and assertive affirmation statements that help you to feel bold and empowered. These are not your typical statements, but ones that really remind you of your true worth and value with no apologies! Black Girl Magic!

Self-Esteem Card Decks: This card deck includes the same powerful and bold affirmation statements as the Confidence Card Deck, just with a different look! It is sure to help you stand firm in what you know to be true about who you are and show up in an authentic way!